Recess Schools Out (PeteDragonRockz Style)


  • Jessie (Free Willy 1-3) as TJ
  • Sean Barnes (Alaska 1996) as Vince LaSalle
  • Ryan Tyler (The Amazing Panda Adventure) as Mikey Blumberg
  • Peter Griffin (Family Guy) as Mikey Blumberg (Singing)
  • Nadine (Free Willy 2) as Gretchen Grundler
  • Larry (The Big Green 1995) as Gus Griswold
  • Amy Alden (Fly Away Home 1996) as Ashley Spinelli
  • Randolph (Free Willy 1-3) as Principal Peter Prickly
  • Florence (Alaska 1996) as Mrs. Ellie Detweiller
  • Ruber (Quest for Camelot) as Dr. Phillium Benedict
  • Mozo (Thumbelina 1994) as Fenwick
  • Lois Griffin (Family Guy) as Miss Muriel Finster
  • Terry Barnett (Zeus and Roxanne) as Mr. Detweiler
  • Garrett (Quest for Camelot) as Coach
  • Jessie Barnes (Alaska 1996) as Becky Detweiller
  • Arnold (Hey Arnold The Movie) as Digger Dave
  • Cubby Bear (Alaska 1996) as Randall C. Weems
  • Ariel (The Little Mermaid) as Miss Grotke
  • Tom Tucker (Family Guy) as Guard #1
  • Ryan Father (The Amazing Panda Adventure) as Dr. Rosenthal
  • King Colbert (Thumbelina 1994) as Cop #1
  • Charlie (Alaska 1996) as Cop #2